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Twitter founder - denies being 'difficult to work with'

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has tacitly denied claims his role at the microblogging firm was cut back after complaints from employees that he was "difficult to work with".

Mr Dorsey, addressed the claims, which appeared in a New York Times profile of Twitter's chief executive Dick Costolo, on his Tumblr blog.

He said that he reduced his role at Twitter service months ago as he devoted the majority of his time to Square, the payment start-up where he is chief executive. He remains executive chairman at Twitter, however, albeit with a lesser role.

Mr Dorsey said he transferred all of his employee supervision to Mr Costolo in January as part of a pre-arranged transition process.

"We moved all of my reports back under him in January of this year after leadership was firmly in place," he wrote.

"This allowed me to focus on refining our brand and logo, to work more with Dick and the leadership team on our direction forward, and ultimately return the majority of my time to Square, where I’m CEO.

"We haven't talked about this publicly because it's not what people using Twitter every day care about."

The New York Times claimed that "employees complained that he was difficult to work with and repeatedly changed his mind about product directions".

Mr Dorsey was previously Twitter's chief executive until 2008, when he was pushed out by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. He launched Square that year, before returning to Twitter as executive chairman in 2011.

He caused a stir within Silicon Valley last November when he said at a conference that he worked 8 hours at each company - totaling 16 hours every day - by being "very disciplined." On his Tumblr blog he said he was now working at Twitter only on Tuesday afternoons.


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