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THE Speculation had focused on the day Wednesday, October 17th is the launch for new, great,smatter and smaller version of the Apple iPad mini. 

Apple normally gives the least the week notice for the  product launch events so  the when this Wednesday passed without an any official announcements where observers began to the  wonder of whether the launch would be happen at all.

Earlier the today , the technology website, had said that "people familiar with Apple's plans" had confirmed the Apple would hold  could hold an iPad mini launch event on the day of October 23rd.
The report says the event was likely to be held at Town Hall auditorium at Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

A launch of apple mini on  23rd would upset rival Microsoft,  becoz which will launch its new Windows 8 operating system on Thursday the 25th. 

Microsoft also has its own tablet computers ready to go on sale and a new Apple tablet would draw some attention away from those products too.

Thursday, October 25th is also the day that Apple will announce its fiscal Q4 earnings.

source: apple.com

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