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The good invite, which is headlined, 'We've got a little more to show you', was sent out to journalists yesterday afternoon, which 
announces an Apple event on October 23rd at the California Theater in San Jose, close to San Francisco. has conformed

Apple is widely expecting to unveil a new, smaller  and thinner iPad at next week's event. 
The new device is be expected to have an 7.85-inch screen, compared with the existing iPad's 10-inch display.

A smaller iPad would allow Apple to take on rivals Google and Amazon. Google's 7-inch Android tablet, the Nexus 7, was launched in July, while Amazon is about to launch a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet. next month there is a great question mark for them

Leaks from retailers suggests that  entry-level iPad Mini will be priced between £200 and £249, making it slightly more expensive than other competition. in this market

While leaked pictures of components have appeared online reporting to the show the new device, it's name is still unknown from the apple company only they knows all of them. It is most commonly referred to as the iPad Mini but other observers have suggested iPad Nano and iPad Air as potential names and more on them .

the great Reports also suggest that Apple will upgrade the existing iPad to include the same Lightning charging socket as the iPhone 5 haaaas in it, which was announced last month.  

9 to 5 Mac suggested that, Apple will announce 24 different iPad models next week the amazing fact, once the various colours, memory capacities and connectivity options are taken into account in i pad.

Other reports this week have said that Apple is planning to release a version of its  new 13-inch MacBook Pro that will have a high resolution Retina display has said in last month wwdc conference talk.

The only laptop with a Retina display at the moment has been a 15-inch MacBook Pro and with great looking in it this is the most amazing fact of new mac book pro in it launch and shippment starts on that day itself.

According to Apple blogs, the company might also be planning upgrades to its iMac and Mac Mini desktops computers. It is not clear whether these computers will be announced during next week's event. 

everything is with great question mark each and every thing in not conformed it is all about  collection information in internet  only apple knows the right thing what they going to launch in the market soon -




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