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The great  Google’s push to the  encourage users to adoption of laptops that really on the internet continued last night before with the  great launch of the £229 ($249) Chromebook from Samsung laptop chrome book .
It offers six hours of battery life, 100GB of online storage, weighs 2.5lbs and measures .8” thick, the search giant claimed. Google Mail, Calendar and Docs, Google hopes, will supply users' main needs.

the much looking Chromebooks have been recently been upgraded to the include a more very familiar computing environment in it, adopting a desktop and a series of windows based on the Google Chrome web browser.which is present  Sales, however, have been remained slug  ambitions for the most laptops to be take one in ten sales of so of them.

Writing on this Google blog, Sundar Pichai claimed “As a kid growing up in India, I was fascinated with computers and them endless possibilities they presented.
 that they  had to wait until college to finally get my hands on one in the computer lab and since then began dreaming of a world where everyone could have access to one. We’re not quite there yet, but every day we get a bit closer.”


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