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What is the Purpose of Subdomains?

1. You can organise your web site like support, help and FAQ at ‘http://support.yoursite.com’.And your products and order links under ‘http://store.yoursite.com’ etc.

2. If you have members or you want to share your disk space with your friends and family, you can create a subdomain for each of them and give access with their own user name and password.

3. You can also organise the email addresses that comes to seperate departments on your web site like support@support.yoursite.com, orders@store.yoursite.com etc.

4. Long URLs are cut short to a subdomain, so it is easy to remember the short URL instead of long URLs. Especially this is true with your affiliate links which are long and with many special characters like ‘?’,'&’ etc. This is difficult to remember. So in these cases creating a subdomain for that long URL helps to remember it well.

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