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hide your drive in your pc great hiding techniques

 There is chance to hide your dive on your computer , there‚Äôs a something a very tiny software called NoDrives Manager download it and use efficiently.
After downloading the software open on No Drives utility which is available, select one or more drives between the letters (like C:drive to Z:drive ) these drives are kept hidden and save the changes after creating it. The next time when restart your PC, the selected drives will be no be available inside the Explorer it is hidden position. These technique area can also be used for hiding the great CD's or DVD's drives when attached to your computer.

The tool that simply modifies the Windows registry to make all the selected drive invisible inside your Explorer though the advanced users may still access with old drive and its a files through the

in case of not file to display in your computer we can deselect all the thing which is given an option in the process made delivered in that application there application is much helpful in selecting the options in the better manner to be established and display or hide local drives in the better manner to be increased superiorly to be made replaced in a better manner these application in most useful in displaying the drives in a better manner displaying only the wanted drive and hiding the ever in the position to be made run in your pc .. the process made installed in that drive will be running those softwares will be having the shortcuts in it only the drive made hidden not all the process...
this software supports all the type of windows 32 & 64 bits

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