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There are lots of dictionary -but in this case there is any dictionary about SOFTWARE FIELD ?  to know your  doubts exactly   here is the one which helps your in BASIC doubt clarification on it  


BROWSER:  A browser is the software that accesses and display pages and files on the web.
Types of browser like - chromeFirefox, maxthon,internet explorer, opera

BUG: A mistake, or unexpected occurrence, in a piece of software, or in a piece of hardware.

COOKIES: A file sent to a web browser by a web server that is used to record one’s activities.

CYBERSPACE:Cyberspace is the slang word for the internet.more

E-MAIL:Electronic mail. Private messages sent between users on different computers, either over a network, or via a modem connection to an on-line service or BBS. 
 Types of eMAILS providers like gmail, hotmail, live,email,mail,ymail,
FIREWALL: A mechanism that isolates a network from the rest of the internet, permitting only specifies traffic to pass in and out more.

HACKER: Slang term for a technically sophisticated computer user who enjoys exploring computer systems and programs, sometimes to the point of obsession. more - how to become hacker

HOMEPAGE: The document that is displayed when you first open a web client program .also commonly used to refer to the first document you come to in a collection of documents on a web site.you can create your own homepage like iGoogle 

HOST: The main computer system to which users are connected.

ICON: An icon is the symbol seen on the computer screen to represent some features of a program. download some icons packages icon, archive

LOGIN: The accent name used to access a computer system.indidual should have some basic login accounts like gmail.com, facebook.com,livejournel.com,twitter.com,blogger.com,login.com

MULTITASKING: The capability of an operating system to handle multi processing task, apparently, at the same time. more

ON-LINE: Actively connected to others computers or device. You’re on-line when you’ve logged on to a network, BBS, or on-line service. A device such as a printer is on-line when it’s turned on, and accessible to a computer. If you’re not on-line, then you’re off-line.

PROGRAM: A set of instructions written in a computer language is called program.

SEARCH ENGINES: A type of software that creates indexes of database or internet sites, based on the tittles of files, key words, or the full text files. top 10 search engines 

SPAM: Refers to the practice of blindly posting commercial messages or advertisements to a large number of unrelated and uninterested newsgroups

USER ID: The string of characters that identifies you. The name by which you are known to the network. Also known as username user ID is user indentifier


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