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How to Disable the Internet on your system

if you  wish to turn off  Internet connection for some minimum time to finish off work here is the chance to do it very effectively and quickly. there is a script which will helps you to  disable all the  Internet connection  with a single click.

When you  have to get your work  to be done but you can’t resist them to  urge and check off your emails, tweeter account and Facebook loin, it is the good idea to  lock yourself in the cage with out using any access out of the Internet until the more important tasks are complete.

The brand new New York Times has been aggregated to the tips from some of well-known authors on how they could manage to stay productive them self without concentration on any thing without deviated them selves  in the midst way  to  off online distractions and some of them where offered similar advice:

    Nick Bilton - says that  I use an hourglass to ward off my distractions. Once it’s flipped down, my phone goes to flight Mode and  it automatically  turn off the Internet connection in my sweet home. I don’t allow myself to go online until very last grain of the sand has drained into the base of my hourglass.

    one more author says that David Carr – says that I had went to a cabin in the woods cultivated  that had  Internet off. It didn't have any  dial-up access, which is like having off Internet . Things moved very quickly after this mode happened.

could you like to do out for you please try down to get tried for your connection -

Disable Internet Connection-try out

You can disable / enable Internet access  on your Windows computer with a click! (remainder : only on windows you can get access)

A sweet Shortcut to Turn Off the Internet an focus your mind one thing without getting deviated on it

if you ever wish to “forcefully” these step away from the Internet for a while time to get access on it, the Toggle Internet script will help you to make the task a little easier and good manner. This little script will be completely disable the Internet access on your PC (with windows) with a single  click and you can restore the  lost Internet connection anytime when you you wish to get accessed later with, again, a click on it for resuming on it. to get full access on it 

To do this for your try you can do , download Toggle-Internet.bat on your desktop from the internet before to get accessed on it , right click, choose “Run as Administrator” option to get full access on  it  and you’ll be instantly disconnected from the Internet connection sorry for intermediate and u you can enjoy the your focus mind to do something for your betterment of business or any other else its upon to you. Later, when you need to reconnect them, quietly just right-click the same file and run as an administrator on it as you done before for disconnecting them and now same option for reconnecting them with full access on it.

Internally how is it work, the script will toggles the status on your own  Network Adapter from your system thus shutting down the Internet for you with quite easy to get access. If you were to be disable or enable the Network connection Adapter manually, the steps would be Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> View Network Status -> Change Adapter Settings. from your windows computer as you own it personally - please don't try this public browsing centers they don't know how to get accessed the original reconnect them so be aware on it use it personally on your computer itself never misuse it in a public related products

One more thing to say out . Toggling with Internet will block all your websites with th mode you should  wish to disable access to just a select a groups of distracting from all the websites with while staying connected to the form of Google Docs or your electronic mail, use Let Me Work. You can specify the list of websites that you should be blocked and  all this script will modify the Windows HOSTS file to shut down them, temporarily.only never miss use this opportunity this will not black hacking do for betterment of yourself and become safeguard to do work with any distraction on it - never try to do this anymore public ally to get get access


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