you can Get Free SMS Alerts When your Website is Down

nowadays websites plays a main in looking ahead your business for your improvement of it now there is a chance to get assessed of free sms notification from your server when your website reaches down Use the form Google Docs as a free website monitoring tool to track  our unlimited number of domain visits  and  made receive an instant email and  the SMS text notification when any site is yet go to down.

You can use the application called Google Docs to monitor your own  website’s up-time and downtime and get  free instant alerts from your site if your site is down or unavailable to visitors yet for get use of this chance . The latest version of application Google Docs based website monitoring tool is even better when compared to all tools present online never miss a chance to get use of its obviously free of cost free all internet website administrators :

And now You can  monitor multiple websites and sub-domains  for downtime/up-time in one go. for access of users to your site get notified easily .  In addition to all email alerts, you can even now choose to receive a SMS alerts on our phone or any other device to get a chance if any of your sites are down before a month time and get free access of sms alert from Google server for user notification your site.

The available  text alerts are also routed through the place Google Calendar and are therefore free for users.
In fact, this will probably a only tool (application) that lets you know and monitor unlimited number of domains and offers both the  SMS and an email alerts without charging a penny from your pocket get use of it its obviously free for gmail users . Here’s the way to  install and monitor in Google Docs in less than 60 seconds totally shocked see down for more results to get installed on your site soon - it never breaks your time get used of it now:

Website Monitor with SMS Alerts

Build your own website monitoring tool with Google Docs, SMS alerts included,Real-time Website Monitor with Text Alerts. Click here on  to create a personal copy of the Website Monitor them in HD sheet in your own Google Docs account.You’ll see a new Website Monitor menu in the toolbar of docs. Click Initialize  them and you’ll get a pop-up active X will be asking for authorization. Just press Yes for it.

 Put your Website URL in cell B2 and your email address in cell B3.
    Go to the Website Monitor menu again and choose “Start Monitoring”.

That’s it. Close your  Google Docs sheet and it will be monitor your sites in the background of google docs from your account. If you do not wish to receive SMS alerts from them , simply change the value of cell B4 from Yes to No option you will get soon with an welcome message to your SMS to your mobile.

The full source code of the project is available at ctrlq.org website you can download them  – no one else has access to your data and you can disable the script when ever you want anytime by setting the email address in cell B3 to blank. data left free them


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