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If you are really interested to improve your business via online here is the chance to improve it - by the method called search engine optimization - it is very useful for bring your website in case of all search engines - if we use this concept how to improve the traffic to your website and make more business on internet by giving good strategy in development by the means seo techniques, thee are many means to develop the website to come with a big shot in internet marketing but take time in case of initial development of website seo techniques,there are lots of method to be use for the website in case of bring the techniques for your website in front method - there are lots of methods to be followed - there is a some technique to be not used in case f seo techniques it quite follows down in the strategy method for non follow of the seo
there are the harmful method for should not followed by the seo strategy -     

SEO Mistake #1: Not using keywords correctly.

Many of the webmasters are concerned with being banned from the search engines giants like Google yahoo,bing. for using the method  called keyword  stuffing so they limit the usage  of keywords in to  their web pages. the content will should should a sound easily in case of comments - it should not be any though to read it it should be quite easy to read for all type of users in your website looking over (i.e. for all type of age group - the content where mentioned should easy to them ) , the chances are you have not overused your
keywords. Make sure that our keywords or phrase are included in the first line of an paragraph and last line of the paragraphs, in case of them you can include in your heading part and in your title and meta tags part in your website to come establish easily recognized easily from your website .

SEO Mistake #2: Trying to fool search engine spiders.

Search engines are a lot more comfortable than our  most of us  may realize that one. They recognize that  –
hidden text, keyword spamming method,  cloaking, which is showing different content than the user visits
to the great look off search engine spider's than to your visitors to your website . All of these practices will only serve to hurt as enemy of your site page and the page ranking in it ,and it can in the fact that cause your to get in the sandbox

what is sandbox:..?

is the form of recycle bin int the web serve every search engine will be having it - if the webpage find any fault in your webpage or any malfunction in your to bring it in front these kind of websites will sensed to sandbox - it takes little time to come of it - it quite tough to get off it

SEO Mistake #3: Using Flash

Flash is the  presentation tool used for well impressed in manner and it can be effective if it is used sparingly. It’s these kind of flash tool been used in the multimedia kind of websites to get more impressed for the users effectively - for the users fr better attraction for the site these . however the most delightful make their website to be rich in stuff with all flash contents - the those flash contents will not be indexed by the search engines - these money spend on developing the site is full of waste without indexing WATS the use of it think it off - while developing the website for an company or an organisation.

SEO Mistake #4: Using Your Company Name (and Only Your Company Name) as a Title Tag

when you feel to brand your company name - don't be interested to include the only your company name in the stuff it looks odd  the tag element - be safe and secure by not adding the company name to the tag (only the name) Feel free to include it too many contents on it,
however it’s also important to the user that your  keyword for each webpage title tag should be same.
This is more useful for your website to reach customers and helps them to search in search engines identify the various pages on your site.

SEO Mistake #5: Using A Splash Page

A splash page is a kind of web page with a large graphic content or an company logo with the rotation on it , and a link to enter the
site "new" splash on the site . This is an ineffective strategy for a number of reasons for getting the impression from the other user on it,the No keyword rich text on that particular page, nothing else for the spiders to index it.Only one internal link on the page will be getting indexed soon
These pages often have a redirect link to other webpage which often causes spiders to ignore them and make no useful for it
If search engine optimization is important to your business to improve it , Your home page should be easy to navigate, content rich, and link visitors and
spiders to other main web pages.

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