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you could like to record a video here is method to record your Google maps video by your own position on it .from the source to your destination to your point. there is software called "cam studio" which helps you to record the video in any position on it .

We can adjust the screen resolution on cam studio to record the video - the position can be fixed to record the particular position on cam studio  - open the google maps link on google the type the destination position on it to reach there - you will getting the better result if your INTERNET CONNECTION is good no buffering is needed to reach the destination on it .

Before opening the google maps for recording the video - switch on the CAM STUDIO software and configure it to make the video to be recorded to the future usage on it .

store the screened file in a particular location to view it for future usage . it made stored in a microsoft windows format to open it again - the better choice is that open a video in   the "VLC MEDIA PLAYER" it will be a better to view it in a full screen more and in the form of HD while recording on it. the process will takes few seconds time to save the option on it .

the particular screen mode will only capture only the particular screen mode "cropped area " in the screen - it will be a better scope to record the video in a better manner .

if you wish to add voice on it - it also been added to it for your betterment, the voice is been added to the recorded video while recording it - we no need to edit the entire video after recording the whole compartment and adding the audio to it , it can be recorded while  recording the video on the screen -

dual task is made processed recording the video from the screen and adding the voice to it , if you have microphone is been attached to it . these task is really good for recording all type of video on the screen and recording all the type of voices to it dual concept is made in a particular software ( Audio recording & Video recording ) . you can upload them in a "SOCIAL SHARING WEBSITES" to get more visits and you can earn money via AFFILIATE PROGRAM on it - 

this software not only record the the video you can also upload them on the SOCIAL SHARING WEBSITES to get more impression and earn money ...,

other alternative 
yahoo results 

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