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electric car released by nissan - e car

If you watch the technical discussion at the Nissan Website. Nissan is providing 8years/1,60,000km Warranty on the Battery. Which according to me is more than excellent considering today's Technology. And that 8 years is more than enough to cover the Cost of the car considering the Cost of Fuel its Going to save to drive the same distance. Do the Maths its very Simple. 
 With current Petrol rate on a car giving an average of 12kmpl it cost Rs 6.33 per Km. 
 With electric car 80% charge can be reached in 1-2 hours (2-4 unit of Electricity) or 100% 4-6 hours (8-12 unit of Electricity). With 100% charge giving some 160km range. So, with the current electric rate, it cost less than 50paisa per km. 
 If one is driving say 1500km per month, the petrol cost for the month is 1500x6.33=9495 (9500 aprox). 
 where with electric car its 1500x0.5=7...50 (could be less than that depending on charging method and driving style). 
 Now check for about a year: 
 Petrol Car: 9500x12=Rs. 1,14,000 
 Electric : 750x12=Rs. 9000 
 Do the math for the next 5-8 years considering the petrol price hike, and you will be surprised to see how much saving you are doing with Electric Car Compared to Petrol Car. I, ll leave this part of calculation with you :) 
 The cost of battery Change is also comfortably covered in the saving. (note: battery will get cheaper with new technology but not Fuel). 
 That said add the annual Maintenance cost Petrol car Cost about 10k-15k + GearBox and Clutch etc if that goes bad. Where as The annual maintenance cost of electric car is about 1k-3k. 
 All added up, for City commute Electric car is a big Saver be it: Cost, Environment, Noise. 

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