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Did Do you know the great VLC Media Player, is the world’s famous downloaded video player in the world this supports many format which are available in the video, its a chance to play  YouTube videos on your desktop vlc player without requiring the web browser or the Adobe Flash player.

To get started, and open the VLC media player, press Ctrl+N button  to open the Network URL in the dialog and paste the any type of YouTube video URL in the input box.

The particular loading video tutorials can play inside of VLC Mass advertising Player just like any other nearby video clip document while offering some additional benefits inaccessible inside the common Youtube . com person. For example:

 1.You are able to pick Video clip -> Always on the top within VLC as well as the YouTube video windowpane may keep to the forefront when you work with additional jobs.

2. Media the particular Loop option with inside the participant handles and also the YouTube movie can play non-stop inside a trap (furthermore feasible with Stainless add-ons).

3. It is possible to change the Playback velocity of the Youtube . com video to make it operate sluggish or perhaps quicker compared to normal pace.

4. Use the Equipment -> Get Picture choice to capture the screen shot picture of any kind of shape or landscape in the Facebook movie.

5. View the Facebook video tutorials without the ads. We played several motion pictures as well as audio videos within VLC and also none of them transported virtually just about almost every pre-roll adverts

 Right-click on your mouse and  make save this file to your desktop on your computer. and Now open the VLC installation folder (%ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC) and move them  .lua file into the exiting file /lua/playlist folder.

And Restart the VLC Media Player to run better and choose Media -> Open Network Stream. and Now paste them  the URL of any public YouTube Playlist here and the enjoy the videos. to view them in the VLC media player - on your hands on with VLC player - here is a chance to view your youtube video in your hands on VLC player with a special manner without having the browser to running the video

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