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The pages in your exercise book are made of paper that came from a factory. So are pages of this book.
The factory got the paper mill.The mill probably made the paper from logs. And the logs were cut from trees grew in a forest. Pine trees are often used to make paper if you visit a traditional paper mill, you will see people working at large noisy machine that peel bark off the logs and then cut the wood into smaller pieces. other machines press and grind this wood in to very tiny pieces that can be mashed together like potatoes.this gooey stuff is called 'wood pulp' ather it is mixed with water ,the pulp flows onto a screen where the water drains off, leaving a thin wet sheet of pulp.

Big hot rollers peers and then dry this wet pulp as it moves along conveyor belts at the end of the line, the dried pulp comes out as giant rolls of paper These giant rolls are what the paper factories make into the products that you use every day,such as newspapers, paperer towels, and the pages of books that you read.

Because we use so much pear we must be careful how many trees we cut down to make it fortunately, nowadays,a lot of used paper can be remade into new paper by recycling.

You can help save trees by recycling the magazines,newspaper,and other paper that you use in school and at home.

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