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Starred E-mails in Gmail

Starred E-mails in Gmail

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If an crucial e mail arrives inside your Google mail box and you're simply struggling to reply straight away, you “Star” in which information. These kinds of Super celebrities (or perhaps Flags in Perspective) help us with in side recalling communications that require to be put to work later else they are likely to explore the sea associated with incoming e-mail.

 The thing is, if you don't tend to be on a regular basis pruning the list, your Starred directory in Gmail could become just another dumping ground with regard to email messages that need followup.

 Things i have inked is created a contact e-publication that arrives every early morning hours and has a listing of 10 messages, selected at random from your whole pool associated with communications which are marked with a celebrity with in otherside Gmail.

 This everyday email operates as being a mild nudge to act and also alerts myself associated with emails which have been approximation for days on end. Here’s how you can set up a single for your own Google mail account.

I) Copy this Google Sheet to your Google Drive.
II) Open the sheet and a new Gmail option will appear in the menu bar. Choose Initialize and grant access.
III) Now choose Gmail -> Install to activate the script that will send you a daily newsletter. Close the Google sheet.

 If you wish to cease receiving the email reminder at any time, open up exactly the identical Yahoo Sheet and pick Uninstall from the Google mail


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