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How to register a domain ?


Follow the steps to know , how to register a domain name ?


Step 1 : Type your domain name in the search box, and choose your domain,  then click Domain

Name Search button to search your domain wheather it's available or not.


Step 2 : If it's Available click Order Now button, otherwise Select the other domain as shown in the below picture,

then click Look up to search for other domain.


1) Change your currency types (indian money or american dollor)

2) Used to search for other domain's what we selected in above check box

3) WWW Link is used to visit that website, WHOIS is used to see the register details



Step 3 : Select Your domain and choose your payment process (1year or 2year ), then Click Order Now button to next process

1)   To select years for renwal payment

2)   Click to go Next Process

Step 4 : Choose your hosting Plan then Click Click to continue button

1)    Linux web hosting -> Click to Book your hosting

Register Doman -> Select this if not register a domain name

Transfer Domain -> Select this if you want tranfer your domain to us


2)    After Choose your Product, Click this button to go next process


Step 5 : Choose your Billing Cycle (1yr, 2yr, 3yr) then Click Click to continue button

1)   If you want to delete the product, click this button

2)   If you want to delete or clear all the product in your shopping cart, Click this


Step 6 : Select your domain Configuration it's FREE

1)  DNS

2)  Email


Step 7 : Now you have to type your personal details, after type your details, click I have read and agree to the Terms of service button, then Click Complete Order to finish your domain order,

1)  Use I'm a New Customer for new customer, If u are already our customer means just Click I'm an Existing Customer to register your domain.

2)  Choose Your Payment Method


Step 8 : In this step we do Payment Process for domain registration, Click Pay Now Button to start make a payment, this Invoice has been send it to your mail,

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