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Uses of Domain Names


  • .biz ('business') — For business websites.
  • .com ('commercial') — Basically for any type of websites but not suitable for non-commercial nature. #1 choice for most webmasters.
  • .info ('information') — For websites full of resources and information. 4th most popular extension.
  • .mobi ('mobile') — Either for mobile products and services, or for easy viewing of your websites on mobile devices.
  • .name — More appropriate for personal websites.
  • .net ('network') — For any online operations. 2nd most popular extension.
  • .org ('organization') — Primarily used by non-profit organizations or trade associations. But nowadays more .org owners are making their websites as commercialized as a business website. 3rd most popular.
  • .us — Country code for United States
  • .tv — Country Code for Tuvalu but it's commonly used for the television / entertainment industry purposes.


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