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China’s 1st  Moon rover it  will be powered by a home-built nuclear batteries, the chief scientist of the China’s lunar project said that it will help to the extend for everyone.

The rover will be land on the  moon next year by  board Chang’e-3, it is the China’s third lunar probe, Shanghai  reported that . The Chang’e-3 is expected to launc from the  place Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwest Sichuan Province  were is most powerfull . The Chang’e-3 will also be observe the space from the lunar surface as it lacks of atmosphere allows the better viewing from than from Earth.
The battery, is  using plutonium-238, it will be able to power the  great 100-kilogram vehicle for more than 30 years old , Ouyang Ziyuan, the chief scientist quoted that it will .  would be powered by the sun during daytime ( sun ) and by the  nuclear power during the night time .
“The nuclear power system will make China the third country apart from the United States and Russia to be able to apply nuclear technology to space exploration,” Mr. Ouyang said.

A lunar nights lasts for only 14 days with temperatures which  reaching below the  minus 100 degrees Celsius to it. The battery will be there only source of the energy during that process time and  it will prevent the equipment from  the freezing form, he said. An expandable solar panel will be absorvin the Sun’s energies during the daytime.

Mr. Ouyang told that the rover and the Chang’e-3 would stay on the Moon""  until the Chang’e-5 probe arrived there to take samples and the rover back on the Earth.
He said China was currently working on the Chang’e-5 as well as a new Long March-5 rocket to carry the probe.

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